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There’s a big advantage to using a Yealink wireless headset with a Yealink phone
Yealink Headsets are relatively recent entries into the business communications space, but they’ve quickly established a position as a necessary device for many people. Why? They’re highly cost-effective, for one. And they sound great, too. But today we want to talk about another reason: Yealink headsets offer features you can’t find elsewhere. Using Yealink wireless hea …
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Ditch the base station: using wireless DECT headsets with a dongle
There are two primary types of wireless headsets: Bluetooth Headsets and DECT Headsets. Bluetooth has the advantage of being the more familiar technology, available on every smartphone, computer and even, increasingly, on your VoIP phone. DECT, however, has a few advantages over Bluetooth that makes it incredibly attractive for businesses. Here are three: Reduce spectr …
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Using a USB headset with a VoIP phone
When it comes to wired headsets, it doesn’t get simpler than USB Headsets. Plug. And. Play. Widely used for softphones with computers, they’re increasingly used with VoIP phones, too. In this blog, we answer the question: why are USB headsets for VoIP phones so popular? We then go into concerns that you should think about when buying a USB headset. Advanta …
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