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Reviewing Revolabs' New Executive Elite Wireless Microphone Systems

A superior conferencing solution for meeting rooms, offices and more.

Set up a world-class conference room with Revolabs’s new Executive Elite series. These wireless microphone systems are equipped with a powerful suite of features, plus easy installation. Everything from the deployment of the microphones to managing the system is designed to be simple.

When shopping for a wireless microphone system, the first major step is deciding which one is right for your business. The Revolabs Executive Elite system is available in two models, one featuring four-channel support and the other with eight-channel support. With these systems, the hardest part is deciding which model is most compatible with your business' conferencing and multimedia presentation requirements; the easy part is everything after that.

System Installation

Think of your meeting room like a blank canvas. Some microphone and audio systems can limit what you draw on this canvas. Both of these Revolabs systems offer a wide variety of tools for drawing up your ideal conference room. And installation is straightforward, from integrating the systems with room controls, managing the systems remotely or expanding the components and accessories as need be.

Install the base unit in your existing rack or on a conferencing cart. Wherever you place it, the Executive Elite systems offer complete mobility and stability.

Wireless Receiver

Each Executive Elite system is equipped with a wireless microphone receiver. This enables the base unit to be elsewhere, such as with the rest of your rack-mounted equipment. Install a receiver in each of your business’ meetings rooms, executive offices or anywhere else that conferencing takes place.

Wall-mount or ceiling-mount the receiver. Then plug in the receiver to the base unit with an Ethernet cable, which also provides power to the receiver via PoE.

Choice of Microphones

Wireless microphones galore! Tabletop microphones for the Revolabs Executive Elite systems include both unidirectional and omnidirectional microphones. The unidirectional mics pick up voice and audio from one specific location, whereas omnidirectional (or 360-degree) mics listen to the entire room.

A new type of tabletop microphone is the gooseneck. These microphones are available with either 6-inch or 12-inch necks, enabling them to reach the participants’ mouth rather than the participant feeling as though they need to bend towards the table.

Wearable microphones are perfect for presenters, leaving their hands free for interacting with multimedia. XLR adapters are also available to integrate dynamic microphones with the Executive Elite systems.

Speaking of adapters, a new feature with the Executive Elite tabletop microphones are the crossover adapters. As is, the wireless tabletop microphones are rechargeable. When docked in one of these adapters, the adapter provides the tabletop microphones with a permanent power supply. Fix the adapters to the table or let participants move them around as they see fit.

4-Channel & 8-Channel Systems

Now for what makes all of these fun features work: the systems. Revolabs Executive Elite systems are available in two models, one that is preconfigured to support four voice channels and the other that is packaged with eight voice channels. Both of these systems can be expanded to host up to 60 HD channels, or 80 standard definition channels (in North and South America).

The Revolabs Executive Elite four-channel system is ideal for moderately sized conference rooms, or creating a simple set up for presenters and an audience.

The Revolabs Executive Elite eight-channel system offers two-times the capacity. Give every conference participant his or her own microphone, or let this system perform double-duty.

Technical Overview

Very quickly, let’s dive into a few of the tech specs:

  • Wireless range: 300 feet, with out of range alarms
  • Security: 256-bit encryption
  • Armored transmissions: protects against outside interference
  • Bandwith: 20Hz to 20kHz

Whether you’re technically savvy or just like a simple solution, the Revolabs Executive Elite wireless microphone systems are designed to deliver. Boost your meeting room’s performance with this reliable and versatile conferencing equipment.