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SMART kapp Reinvents the Dry Erase Board

Bluetooth, touch technology and a mobile app make this board come alive.

Pair a mobile device with the SMART kapp Capture Board and any content that’s drawn on the board will appear on your device in real time. Any up-do-date Android and iOS devices can download the SMART kapp mobile app. This app lets the device (smartphone, tablet, etc.) connect to the board and interact with content, live.

The ability to collaborate can greatly improve productivity. Especially when workforces are dispersed or outside consultants are frequently required. Now you can bring any whiteboard session to your remote coworkers or collaboration partners.

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The quick and easy guide to using SMART kapp

It’s as simple as can be, which is one of the many reasons why we really like this product. All you need to do is tap a button or two on the mobile app or board to start capturing, saving and sharing.

SMART kapp Guide

Sharing and securing your content

Through the app, email a URL of the current session to remote meeting participants and they can see any captures you take. While your mobile device is connected to the board, captures from the sessions are saved, so you or anyone else in the session can see how ideas were conceptualized. When your mobile device disconnected, the session is ended, ensuring your ideas are secure.

Only one mobile device can pair with the board’s Bluetooth signal at one time. No additional devices within proximity of the Bluetooth signal can connect. This prevents eavesdropping on meetings or stealing of information.

A total of five remote participants can engage with the sessions you create through your mobile device. For more than five participants, the board requires an available upgrade.

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Let’s look at the hardware

The SMART kapp board itself is made of high quality materials. A glass panel covers the board, which is much easier to erase and much harder to leave permanent marks on than a plastic surface. Even if you aren’t using SMART kapp for remote collaboration, it is still a superior product when compared to other dry erase boards.

Compatible with the board:

  • Standard dry erase markers for drawing ideas.
  • Any flat surface for wall mounting the board.

Compatible with the mobile app:

  • Android devices running versions 4.1 and later. NFC recommended.
  • iOS devices running versions 7.1 and later. Includes iPhone, iPad and iPod.

SMART kapp App

SMART kapp questions, answers and considerations

Q) Why not just take a photo of a dry erase board with your camera? A) If you’ve tried this, you know that you have to line up the camera at the perfect angle and the image is often shaky. SMART kapp enables you to take consecutive screenshots of the board and share them with multiple parties instantaneously.

Q) How does this board compare to interactive whiteboards or smartboards?

A) Digital Vision Touch (DViT) technology digitizes drawings made on the board. It traces your exact marker strokes across the glass panel. Similar smartboards might not let you use dry erase markers, which means they always have to be plugged in and turned on in order to work.

Q) Is a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, required?

A) Yes. The board itself does not have a network connection; for example, Ethernet or WiFi. The mobile device will need access to your WiFi network or a mobile data plan in order to download the app and share content.

Use SMART kapp and your existing conference phone together. Explaining your ideas with visuals can provide a greater impact, letting you close important deals or finish projects sooner than ever.

SMART kapp specs:

SMART kapp Specs

SMART kapp is an award-winning tool for next generation collaboration. This dry erase board improves communications by providing important visual content, not just to people in the room, but also to remote participants. Bring anyone with a laptop or computer and an Internet connection into your whiteboard sessions. We’re excited to see how this board changes the meeting room forever.