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Smart Video Conferencing from the New Lifesize Icon 800 System & Accessories

An intuitive solution for video conferences in big meeting spaces.

The Lifesize Icon 800 is a comfortable fit for big meeting rooms. This system has all of the connectors like a large video conferencing system, with a simple to use interface that lets you easily steer the conference where you need it go.

An existing, customized third-party solution can be integrated with the Icon 800. Set up the system with your room’s current audio and visual solutions. Multiple connectors let you plug in cameras, laptops, DVRs and more conferencing tools.

Connectors on the Codec:

  • 4 video inputs
  • 2 video outputs
  • 7 audio inputs
  • 4 audio outputs

Support for many peripherals and multimedia sources is only the beginning. The Lifesize Icon 800 lets you quickly switch between different video inputs through the remote control or a connected Lifesize Phone—one of several ways that the Icon series exemplifies Lifesize’s “Smart Video” approach to video conferencing.

Standards-Based HD Video Conferencing

Now some of the technical stuff… Deploy the Icon 800 with your SIP or H.323-based video conferencing network. The system supports standard video codecs including H.264, H.263+ and H.263, and standard audio codecs like G.711, G.722 and MPEG AAC. Also compatible with Lifesize’s own UVC core applications.

Once the system is connected, you’ll enjoy full HD video conferencing. Setting up the system and peripherals is a breeze.

The Lifesize Icon 800 powers full 1080p HD on two simultaneous video channels. A frame rate of 60 frames per second lets movements on the connected displays appear more lifelike. Both video and data can be streamed in 1080p at 60 fps (1080p60).

Lifesize Icon 800 Components & Accessories


Install the Lifesize Icon 800’s codec in a server rack or underneath a podium. Users can quickly plug in their own MP3 players or other portable audio devices, along with the multitude of video sources supported.

A codec-only version of the Icon 800 video conferencing system is currently available.


Two more versions of the Lifesize Icon 800 include a camera with 10x optical zoom. The Lifesize Camera 10x features auto focus and supports full HD 1080p60.

Add an additional camera to the system, including the brand new Lifesize Camera S. The Lifesize Camera S is compatible with both the Icon 800 and Icon 600 video conferencing systems.

2nd Generation Phone

The Lifesize 2nd Generation Phone gives the Lifesize Icon 800 a fully integrated HD audio conference source. This phone is currently included with one version of the system.

Features built into the Lifesize Phone include wideband frequency response, a 15-foot pickup range and a touchscreen interface. Use the touchscreen to interact with the Icon 800 when the remote or web-based interface is out of reach.

Link Adapter

Need to give the Lifesize Phone more room? The Lifesize Link Adapter lets you set up the conference phone up to 200 feet from the codec, ideal for expansive meeting spaces.

For big-time meetings in large conference rooms, the Lifesize Icon 800 system delivers a powerful performance through a simple to use Smart Video interface. Connect the system to your existing video conferencing equipment and you’re set! Users of all levels can take advantage of Lifesize’s newest solution for intelligent video conferences.