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Take a Cue from the Polycom EagleEye Producer

Part camera director, part resource manager.

Not every meeting is a sit-down affaire. To get the full effect of video conferencing, participants like to utilize whiteboards and other in-room media to make their points hit home. Unless someone is actively controlling the camera’s pan, tilt and zoom, the meeting can get hard to follow if the picture is being framed poorly.

Polycom’s latest solution sets out to solve the problems caused by meetings where participants are clustered to one part of the room or continually in motion. The Polycom EagleEye Producer can tell the camera exactly where to pan and tilt, and how to zoom, in order to perfectly frame the participants.

The Polycom EagleEye Producer uses facial recognition technology to find participants in the room. Participants only need to be within approximately 20 feet of the Producer. When the participants are found, the Producer takes command of the camera.

EagleEye Producer

Compatible with Group and EagleEye III & IV

  • Polycom EagleEye III and EagleEye IV cameras (4x & 12x models)
  • Polycom Group 300, 500 and 700 video conferencing systems

The Producer can only be used with these compatible solutions. It is not compatible with, for example, a Polycom HDX system with an EagleEye III or IV camera, or a Polycom Group system with an EagleEye Acoustic camera. For best results, use the Producer with a Polycom Group system bundled with an EagleEye III or IV camera.

EagleEye Cameras

Bettering your return on investment

When used with the Polycom Resource Manager, the EagleEye Producer can provide important usage statistics. View “Call Detail Records” that include how many people were in a meeting, how long the meetings have been, how long people stayed in the meetings, etc.

Usage data is incredibly important to calculating the return on investment on your video conferencing equipment. Automated meetings might be underutilized, or there might be a greater need for video conferences than previously realized.

Designed for…

Deploy the Polycom EagleEye Producer with Group solutions in small- to medium-sized meeting rooms. It creates a more engaging experience for remote participants that are used to only having a wide-angle view of the room.

The Polycom EagleEye cameras, Group series systems and Resource Manager are available separately from the EagleEye Producer. Together, they provide a cutting-edge, easy to use video conferencing experience for end users in the room and those remotely participating.

By providing automatic pan, tilt and zoom controls, the Producer eliminates IT expenses and time spent on training new users. Users that are unfamiliar with the technology can quickly and efficiently demonstrate professional video conferencing skills.

The possibilities for a device that automatically controls a camera’s pan, tilt and zoom functions through facial recognition technology aren’t limited to video conferencing, but it’s certainly a great tool to have onboard.

Producer with EagleEye 12x

Two versions available

Please note that two versions of the Polycom EagleEye Producer are available. One model is designed for the EagleEye III camera, and the other is built for the EagleEye IV camera. Both are compatible with the RealPresence Group series.

Polycom is continually reinventing the video conferencing experience. The high-end EagleEye cameras and intuitive Group series systems set the bar for usability. The EagleEye Producer provides an important means of automating current experiences and planning for later video conferencing deployment.