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Video Conferencing with the AVer EVC900

Standards-based video conferencing with an MCU and everything in HD.

Everything your meeting room needs for video conferencing is in the AVer EVC900. There are no licenses, no services fees and also no PC required (except when needed for multimedia presentations). What comes with this system are the codec, camera, microphone, remote control and all of the required cabling. The onboard software and MCU easily handles the rest.

Let’s take a look at the EVC900’s impressive specs:

  • Full HD video resolution, 1080p @ 30fps
  • 10-way MCU with HD video to all endpoints
  • Compatible with SIP and H.323 standards
  • Video codecs: H.264, H.263+, H.263, H.239
  • Audio codecs: G.711, G.722, G.728

Additional benefits:

  • Dual monitor support
  • Content sharing
  • Available mobile apps
  • Expandable microphones
  • Recording through USB ports

The AVer EVC900 is the simplest means of updating your meeting room with a professional video conferencing solution. Integrate the EVC900 with your existing AVer conferencing systems or networks, featuring compatibility with industry standards like SIP and H.323.

Three display outputs and two display inputs let you operate the system with different display types, although HD displays with HDMI inputs are recommended for optimal use. Content sharing through the EVC900 is also supported at full 1080p resolution.

The EVC900's Camera and Microphone

The PTZ camera

Pan, tilt and zoom capabilities enable the camera to browse the entire meeting room. Turn and rotate the image sensor for optimal viewing, while the 16x optical zoom can focus in more specific directions without sacrificing video clarity.

The lens on the EVC900’s camera features a 67-degree field of view for taking in a wider image, ensuring the entire room is in focus.

The microphone array

Plot the multidirectional microphone array in the middle of the meeting room to pick up audio from all participants. For more participants or for larger conference spaces, the EVC900 is expandable to four microphone arrays.

The simple button layout and interface on the microphone allows users to easily control the array’s functions. Turn the microphone on and off from the device.

Reaching Out with the EVC900

Mobile app and PC integration

Join conferences hosted by the AVer EVC900 system from AVer’s own mobile app or a compatible third-party app. The mobile app can also turn your iOS or Android device into a virtual remote for the system.

From a connected computer, you can web dial from the system’s graphic user interface. Also share PowerPoint presentations and other content with participants in real time.

Remotely manage all aspects of the system through the web-based interface—ideal for larger video conferencing network. Otherwise, all aspects of the system can be maintained without a PC.

10-way MCU

Create a 10-party video conference through the EVC900’s built-in multipoint control unit (MCU). Up to nine external endpoints can join your hosted conference. All endpoints, including your own, will be enabled with HD video and content sharing. Actual quality will depend on the endpoints’ own available hardware, which is why HD displays are recommended.

An MCU is an important tool for establishing conferences with remote participants. Unlike some services, this MCU does not require licensing or additional services fees.

The AVer EVC900 is ready to take over your meeting room with a fully high-definition video conferencing experience. Record important videos to a plugged in USB flash drive, ideal for creating your own videos for later playback or for saving critical communications. No experience is necessary and the standards-based operation makes implementing the system incredibly easy.