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What Is an Android VoIP Phone?

What Is an Android VoIP Phone?

Jay Brant • Jun 21, 2024 •

Windows or macOS? Android or iOS? What operating system you want to use is a key question when shopping for a new computer or smartphone.

But you probably don’t think about what operating system your VoIP phone runs.

And, to be honest, you don’t really need to worry about the VoIP phone’s OS… unless you want an Android VoIP phone.

VoIP phones that run Android are increasingly popular.

In this blog, we introduce you to Android desk phones for business, what to look for when shopping for an Android VoIP phone, why Microsoft Teams desk phones are always Android phones, and more.

Let’s go!

Fanvil A320 IP Phone

Fanvil A320 IP Phone

Android VoIP Phones Mean a Familiar User Interface

What is an Android VoIP phone? No complicated answers here. An Android VoIP phone is a VoIP phone that uses Android (or a fork of Android) as its operating system.

What are the advantages of Android VoIP phones? Why are Android VoIP phones popular?

Android desk phones offer several advantages for users. First, it gives you a familiar user interface, as if you’re using an Android smartphone or tablet. Particularly with younger, digital native workers, having an intuitive touch-based interface is very important.

It means that the apps running on the phone will look and feel like the apps you use every day on your personal devices. And it can mean greater compatibility between your other devices and your VoIP phone.

Can you install Android apps on an Android VoIP phone?

If you run Android, you might want to install your own apps from the Google Play Store on your desk phone. Why not?

The answer is: yes, an Android phone will probably let you access the Google Play Store. However, your ability to install third-party apps on your phone should be strictly controlled by the system administrator, because it can be a security risk. Installing whatever you want is fine for your personal smartphone, but for your business communications — you need that secure.

Like a Samsung Galaxy phone that comes with Samsung’s bespoke apps and not only standard Android apps, an Android VoIP phone like Fanvil A320 includes the manufacturer’s version of Android. Fanvil, for example, implements Android with higher security.

Something to look for when shopping for an Android VoIP phone: what version of Android is the phone running? As of publication, the current version is Android 14 (and Android 15 should be released Q3 2024).

One final reason people use Android VoIP phones is because they want a Microsoft Teams Certified phone.

Yealink MP56 Microsoft Teams Phone

Yealink MP56 Microsoft Teams Phone

Microsoft Teams Phones

VoIP phones for Microsoft Teams need to run a version of Android with a feature set and admin center that Microsoft dictates. This is just how Microsoft has implemented Teams on desk phones.

By using an Android Microsoft Teams desk phone, you get a tailored user interface that matches Teams as you use it on your computer, smartphone, and tablet. For example, when you use Yealink MP56-Teams, you get a 7-inch touchscreen display with a native Teams interface.

Microsoft Teams certification for desk phones is based on what version of Android the phone is running. If your phone manufacturer updates Android for your phone, the phone can be recertified.