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Video Conferencing

Any meeting room with a video conferencing system has a passport to the world. Video conferencing connects people from every corner of the globe, allowing them to communicate face-to-face in the virtual world without any real-life travel expenses required.

Technology like HD video, wideband audio and user-friendly controls provide any incredible degree of intuitive interaction. Video conferencing systems with content sharing, dual monitor support, multiparty support and noise reduction facilitate even greater collaboration. Some systems go even further by offering PTZ cameras, expandable speakerphones and Skype for Business interoperability.

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How Do I Choose the Best Video Conferencing System?

It’s 9:55 and you have to be in London by 10:00. You’re still in California. Have a teleportation device? Probably not. But you do have a video conferencing system with the call to London scheduled and ready to connect.

That’s the advantage of video conferencing; scenarios like that are happening all of the time. No need to pay for expensive trips when video conferencing equipment in your own office is just as good as any face-to-face meeting. There’s also no worrying about leaving important documents behind in your desk drawer—it happens to the best of us.

Video conferencing lets remote offices collaborate in real time. Features like content sharing enables multiple conference participants to pass files back-and-forth, and edit them or notate them immediately. Much better than waiting to receive a fax!

Applications for Every Industry

It’s not just SOHOs, SMBs and enterprises that are benefiting from video conferencing. Hospitals, jailhouses and classrooms are also realizing the return on investment of integrating video conferencing systems into their routines.


Doctors can reach patients in their own homes, rather than making patients come into the office or having a nurse travel off-site every day. This saves the healthcare industry money and is more convenient to patients. Surgeons can connect to an expert or specialist immediately, letting the person at the remote site see into the surgery room and offer lifesaving advice.

Media carts specially designed for hospitals or nursing homes make portable video conferencing easier than ever. Visiting relatives in hospital rooms or assisted living is as easy as turning on the system.

Government & Law

Say that an inmate has a hearing. He or she is driven to the courthouse to see the judge. The officers and vehicles involved in this transportation process are pricey. It also removes important personnel from the jailhouse.

Judges and inmates can interact without having to transport anyone off-site through video conferencing. Systems specifically designed for law enforcement or public use are ideal for this use. They can withstand attempts at vandalism, plus offer unique features like only allowing the caller to speak or hang up the call.


Field trip! It’s not always possible to fit a special trip into the budget. Take the classroom anywhere around the globe with video conferencing. Let your students interact with scientists, field experts, business professionals or anyone else. Experience the world as never before.

Video conferencing systems can be mounted on carts and rolled from room to room like any A/V equipment. Systems with intuitive interfaces make it simple for teachers and professors to interact with and control the video conferences.

Piecing it Together

Video conferencing systems are typically made up of a codec, display, camera, speakers, microphones and an interface. The interface is usually a remote control or connected computer.

Systems are available in bundles with all of the components included. Some of these bundles also feature a stand and mounting equipment. Purchasing the pieces separately lets integrators and others with hardware experience customize their video conferencing solution.

Desktop systems can turn a PC or computer into a versatile video conferencing machine. Cloud-based systems are ideal for laptops for taking video conferencing on the road.

Featured Brands

IP Phone Warehouse offers free pre-sales tech support. Contact us through phone, email or Live Chat to discuss your options for video conferencing. We stock systems and solutions from industry-leading manufacturers, including AVer, Avteq, Cisco, Lifesize, Logitech, Skype, Polycom, Radvision, Revolabs and Tely Labs.

Choosing the right solution for your home office, small business, large business or enterprise doesn’t need to be difficult. IP Phone Warehouse features manufacturer authorized and certified engineers and technicians. We can help you purchase, provision and support your video conferencing equipment.

So Many Choices!!!

Choosing the best video conferencing system for your business, building or organization depends on a lot of factors. We’ve covered the hardware components and software features to be aware of, as well as the right room to set up all of it in.

Remember to look at:

• The Codec’s Features

• The Camera

• The Microphone

• Any Display or Speakers Required

Also look at how the system supports:

• Multipoint

• Content Sharing

• Dual Monitors

• HD Voice and Audio

• Other Multimedia Requirements

IP Phone Warehouse’s customer service team can help you answer any questions about these important pieces of a successful video conferencing deployment.

Powerful Sharing & Collaboration Features

Codecs that support HD 1080p video can deliver image details with lifelike clarity. No blurry pictures or having to squint at the screen. The crisper the colors and details on the display, the more inviting and natural the conversations appear.

Build or purchase a video conferencing system with dual monitors to share content and interact with remote participants at the same time. Assuming the codec supports simultaneous content sharing and dual displays, this is a powerful set up for collaboration on documents or presenting media. Participants at all sites can see the slideshow or multimedia in real-time, plus the remote participants on the other screen.

Multipoint & MCUs

A typical video conferencing system can support point-to-point communications right out of the box. In other words, connecting with one remote site at a time. Multipoint expands those capabilities, enabling multiple sites or points to connect to the same virtual meeting.

Some codecs can be licensed to support multipoint. A business may not need multipoint right away, so licensing lets the company pay for the feature later when they actually need it.

An MCU, or multipoint control unit, is an external device that can be connected to a video conferencing network. The unit supports multipoint conferences. When a system is licensed for multipoint, that system has to be a part of the conference in order for multipoint to work. This can take up resources, which is why having a device like an MCU dedicated to supporting multipoint can be important.

A Protocol for This, A Protocol for That

Protocols control how video conferencing systems communicate with each other. A protocol is a language that the codec uses to translate signals from the network or remote systems. Making sure the protocols are compatible is important to the vitality of your video conferencing network. Video network standards like SIP and H.323 are widely used.

H.264 is another protocol that is often mentioned. This protocol defines how video and media are transmitted over the network. It uses a minimal amount of bandwidth, while still being able to produce full HD video. Wideband audio with echo cancellation and noise reduction features is also important to those seeking a professional video conferencing experience.

Designing the Meeting Room

A meeting room that’s perfectly suited for real-life conferences might be unsuited for virtual conferences. Fancy artwork and glossy furniture that impresses visitors can be distracting when translated by a camera to a high-definition display. Background office noises can be picked up by microphones and amplified, whereas it is easily ignored in other cases.

Video conferencing has a whole rulebook full of etiquette for the room and participants before and after the meeting. Equipment has to be tested and the room needs to be arranged. As far as participants are concerned, the number one rule is to remember that you’re on camera! The camera sees all.

Return on Investment

Research and proper installation are keys to receiving a return on investment. Without knowing what to expect or how to use the video conferencing equipment, it’s now just fun hardware to look at.

Video conferencing lets small businesses with limited budgets interact with clients and customers anywhere, face-to-face, in real time. It levels the playing field with large businesses or enterprises that can afford to send personnel overseas or to conferences.

Meeting with clients or coworkers to discuss project proposes has never been easier. Documents can be sent to all departments and branches of the company, from coast to coast, letting everyone participate in the development of critical data. A proposal can go from creation to acceptance within a few hours.

Like was mentioned earlier, it’s not just businesses that benefit from video conferences. Any organization or entity that routinely spends on travel and transportation can dramatically cut those expenditures.

There are free services that promise an even greater return on investment. The problem with those services is that they do not receive the same support or offer the same features as business-class video conferencing systems. Free services are better suited for the consumer market, where timing and professionalism are not important. It’s incredibly difficult to maintain a business-wide video conferencing network through a free service.

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