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Sangoma Phone Systems

Get Sangoma phone systems at IP Phone Warehouse. Sangoma PBXcelerate appliances are pre-built to support your SIP, digital or analog phone lines. A powerful range of built-in components provide reliable connectivity to telephony. Installation is designed to be simple and straightforward.

  • Sangoma PBXcelerate Digital Appliance


    Sangoma PBXcelerate Digital Appliance


    The digital Sangoma PBXcelerate appliance features T1 and analog connectivity. Up to 100 total users and up to 30 simultaneous calls can operate on this phone system appliance. This appliance is pre-built to support your T1 digital telephony. Simply...

  • Sangoma PBXcelerate Analog Appliance


    Sangoma PBXcelerate Analog Appliance


    The Sangoma PBXcelerate analog appliance is pre-built with four FXO ports and one FXS port. Powerful internal components reliably support up to 20 users and up to eight simultaneous calls. Rack mount this 1U form factor appliance with the rest of your...

  • Sangoma PBXcelerate SIP Appliance


    Sangoma PBXcelerate SIP Appliance


    The Sangoma PBXcelerate appliance is pre-built for SIP-based phone systems. Upload your VoIP phone system on this powerful appliance. Operate this appliance with SIP trunks, featuring the capacity for up to 100 total users and up to 30 simultaneous calls...

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