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Cisco Phones

Cisco began developing IP communications in 1997, and have been in the business longer than any other vendor. With Cisco phones, easily interact with coworkers, partners, vendors and customers through high-quality voice communications.

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About Cisco Phones

Cisco VoIP phones enable individuals, virtual workgroups and teams to collaborate with ease, facilitating better team interactions. Information can be shared easily with Cisco IP solutions.

Cisco phone system platforms are a popular choice for many users, including: Cisco Call Manager, Call Manager Express, UC500, and UC300 series phone systems. Using the SIP protocol, Cisco phones are also an excellent choice for Asterisk, Trixbox, Switchvox and other open source phone system platforms.

Cisco IP Phones Buyer's Guides

Guide to Cisco's cutting-edge IP solutions. Includes VoIP business desk phones, conference phones, and additional accessories and add-ons.

Cisco Phone Buyer's Guide

Buyers Guide

Tech Tips

Tips for adding phones to the Cisco Call Manager.

Choose either auto-registration or manual registration.

Proceed carefully and follow instructions to avoid future problems.

Problems with registering the IP phone with Cisco Call Manager.

Improper registration can cause the Call Manager to switch between a registered and unregistered mode.

Make sure that phone is compatible and that the correct MAC address is used.

Test the phone by disabling the DHCP and DNS.

Most hardware failures are actually a result of dirty equipment.

To clean the IP phone, you may need to disassemble the device. Unplug and disconnect the phone before you do so.

Canned air or a keyboard cleaner/blower can remove dust particles.

Jammed buttons can be fixed by rapidly pressing them. Try a quick-drying solvent to loosen the buttons, if need be.

Positioning the IP phone incorrectly can result in hardware difficulties.

Place the IP phone on a firm, level surface, just as it is described in the manual. Otherwise, the phone may not lay on the hook correctly.

Five Reasons to Choose Cisco Phones

  1. Cisco phones' enhanced communication technology improves collaboration.
  2. More than 85% of Fortune 500 companies use Cisco IP phones.
  3. Investment return; by making the switch to IP phones.
  4. A full range of available accessories to customize your experience.
  5. IP Phone Warehouse offers support for all Cisco products.

Popular Cisco Phones Features

  • Multi-protocol support.
  • Reliable build.
  • Advanced speakerphones.
  • Large displays.
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Cisco 7975G 8-Line IP Phone Cisco 7965G 6-Line IP Phone
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Price: $527.99
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Ships the Same Business Day
Price: $454.99
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Cisco 7575 CP-7975G Cisco 7965 CP-7965G
Cisco 7945G 2-Line IP Phone Cisco 7962G 6-Line IP Phone
Ships the Same Business Day
List Price: $565.00
Price: $359.99
509 in stock!
Ships the Same Business Day
Price: $364.99
324 in stock!
Cisco 7945 CP-7945G Cisco 7962 CP-7962G
Cisco 7942G 2-Line IP Phone Cisco 7941G Refurbished Phone
Ships the Same Business Day
Price: $288.99
131 in stock!
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Price: $136.99
12 in stock!
Cisco 7942 CP-7942G Cisco 7941 CP-7941G-RF
Cisco 7961G Refubished Phone Cisco 7970G Refurbished Phone
Ships the Same Business Day
Price: $187.99
8 in stock!
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List Price: $233.00
Price: $154.99
2 in stock!
Cisco 7961 CP-7961G-RF Cisco CP-7970G-RF
Cisco 7915 Expansion Module Cisco CP-7941-GE-RF Cisco Refurbished Phone
Ships the Same Business Day
Price: $309.99
130 in stock!
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Price: $222.99
9 in stock!
Cisco 7915 CP-7915 Cisco CP-7941-GE CP-7941G-GE-RF