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AVer EMC1000 Video Conferencing MCU

Bridge the gap between all of your business’ devices with the AVer EMC1000 MCU. This affordable MCU can connect up to 10 conference endpoints into one seamlessly integrated, face-to-face conversation. The AVer EMC1000 MCU can also share data and content with any connected device, enabling an advanced multimedia experience.

The AVer EMC1000 MCU is a cost-effective solution for video conferencing with VoIP phones, desktop web cams, conference phones and other IP devices.

EZMeetup App

Download the EZMeetup App onto any compatible device. This application allows mobile and remote devices to access the EMC1000 MCU from anywhere. Joining a video conference is easy, and so is sharing data.


  • Desktop PC’s
  • Laptops
  • iPhones and iPads

Unfortunately, the EZMeetup App is currently not available to Android or other mobile operating systems.

The EMC1000 Advantage

The AVer EMC1000 video conferencing MCU and the EZMeetup App eliminate technical barriers that have otherwise kept customers, clients and co-workers apart. This MCU streamlines many devices into one technology, enabling advanced sharing capabilities not available to every MCU. A lot of businesses spend money needlessly on costly infrastructures to connect the devices that the EMC1000 MCU does with just the use of an app.

Small- and medium-sized businesses will save money on installation costs, as well as on the unit itself. The AVer EMC1000 is the first MCU to sell under $8,500 MSRP.

Management and Installation

Manage the conference with the web-based GUI. Control how participants interact, what content to display, what data to share, etc.

Configure and setup the EMC1000 MCU with the same level of ease. AVer also provides online instructional videos to guide you through the installation, as well as how to use many of the basic functions.

Will the EMC1000 Work for You?

Compatible Endpoints:

  • AVer HVC and EVC series
  • Lifesize Passport system

Desktop Devices:

  • AVer EZMeetup-compatible devices
  • Counterpath Bria 3 softphones

Video Phones:

  • Yealink VP530 videophone
  • Polycom VVX1500 videophone


  • Asterisk IP PBX

If your device is not listed for compatibility, the EZMeetup App is the next best thing. When downloaded, the application enables any compatible PC, laptop or iOS device to connect and share via the EMC1000.

An MCU like the AVer EMC1000 is an essential tool for collaborating with other professionals. Effective communication is the key to success and the EMC1000 MCU is a budget-friendly means for fluid video conferencing. Information is shared with ease and so is configuring how the content is displayed. Best of all, the technical jargon and compatibility issues take a backseat so you, the user, can finally take the wheel.