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Axis Arctic Temperature Control

Axis Arctic Temperature Control

Jay Brant • Jan 05, 2018 •

Axis Communications knows that the average surveillance camera doesn’t cut it in the cold. With New England facing a “bomb cyclone” this weekend, maybe it’s time to start thinking about how you can protect your premises even in extreme cold.

If you’ve ever tried to use your smartphone when the temperature is in the teens, you know that electronics and cold don’t mix well.

Axis builds cold weather cameras with integrated, intelligent heating units. Some of these cold weather cameras contain Arctic Temperature Control.

Axis Arctic Temperature Control is a system of technologies that protects your IP camera from the cold, even in the event of a power outage. Arctic Temperature Control cameras are rated to the meeting point of Fahrenheit and Celsius, all the way down at -40°.

An Axis Q6034-E (an earlier model of the current Axis Q6054-E Mk II) made it all the way to the edge of space in -90°C conditions!

Find an extensive list of Axis Arctic Temperature Control cameras at the end of this article.

Northern Lights

Axis Cold Weather Cameras

Like all cold weather cameras, Axis Arctic Temperature Control cameras include a heater inside the camera housing.

Axis puts multiple heating units in direct contact with the camera and the window to ensure proper heating. A dual shell structure provides extra insulation.

The heater requires extra power for operation, but Axis cold weather cameras can still be PoE or PoE+ compatible. Make sure to check your product in case you need a more powerful PoE injector or PoE switch to guarantee operation of the heating unit.

This is just the basics, though. It’s what Axis does with its heater that sets their cameras apart.


Intelligent Heating

Axis Arctic Temperature Control means intelligent heating.

If the power goes out and your camera gets frozen, turning on the heat at a normal temperature can severely damage or even brick your camera.

That’s why Axis uses intelligent technology to slowly and safely heat your camera in the event of a power outage.

Axis Q6054-E IP Camera

List of Axis Arctic Temperature Control Cameras

According to Axis’s naming scheme, cameras that end in –E are rated for outdoor placement. Many of the Axis –E cameras—though not all—feature Arctic Temperature Control.

So here’s a list of current Axis Arctic Temperature Control cameras, available to order now at IP Phone Warehouse!

  • Axis P13 Series
    • Axis P1364-E
    • Axis P1365-E Mk II
    • Axis P1367-E
    • Axis P1368-E
  • Axis Q16 Series
    • Axis Q1615-E Mk II
    • Axis Q1635-E
  • Axis Q17 Series
    • Axis Q1765-LE
    • Axis Q1765-LE PT
  • Axis Q60 Series
    • Axis Q6052-E
    • Axis Q6054-E Mk II
    • Axis Q6055-E
  • Axis Q61 Series
    • Axis Q6114-E
    • Axis Q6115-E
    • Axis Q6128-E
    • Axis Q6155-E
  • Axis Q86 Series
    • Axis Q8665-E
    • Axis Q8685-E
  • Axis Q87 Series
    • Axis Q8741-E
    • Axis Q8742-E

(Note: this list is not comprehensive.)