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What Is Axis Edge Vault Hardware-Based Security?
When you think about IP video surveillance, you tend, logically, to think of the video that you take with your IP camera system. But Axis, the original IP camera company, knows that the video has to be backed up by professional security on the back-end, too. Your cameras, your camera system: it needs to be as secure as possible. In this world of bad actors and hackers, you …
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How do you find a dome cover for an IP camera that fits properly?
Axis Dome IP Cameras are compact surveillance solutions. Built to last and packed with intelligent features, Axis dome cameras are trusted for critical security applications the world over. But sometimes you need to replace the camera’s dome cover. Or perhaps you want to upgrade the cover that came in the box with the camera. The important thing to know is this: dome cov …
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Safety on the road: Axis onboard security cameras
Axis Communications, the original IP camera company, has a line of security cameras for pretty much any situation. One of these lines they call “onboard” cameras. What is an Axis onboard camera? It’s a security camera for use in vehicles like buses, trucks, trains, ships, airplanes, ambulances and so on. It’s a surveillance camera that you install “onboard” a moving lo …
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