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How to Use a Bluetooth Headset on Grandstream GRP2614

Grandstream GRP2614 is a brand new carrier-grade IP phone that makes deploying it simple and using it even simpler.

GRP2614 has a secondary display with 8 multi-purpose keys that you can customize for speed dialing or quick actions. With 8 keys across 3 virtual pages, you get 24 extra multi-purpose keys. It’s like having a built-in expansion module!

The phone gives you native flexibility for connecting to your VoIP phone system: Gigabit Ethernet or 802.11ac Wi-Fi.

One of the stand-out features of GRP2614 is that it has a built-in Bluetooth radio for pairing with a wireless headset or mobile device.

Using a professional Bluetooth headset frees you up from worrying about wires while still giving you HD audio in your ears and through the microphone.

Grandstream GRP2614 IP Phone

Connecting a Bluetooth Headset to Grandstream GRP2614

Here’s how to connect a Bluetooth headset to your Grandstream GRP2614 IP Phone.

First, turn on the GRP2614’s Bluetooth radio:

  1. On the phone, go to Menu > System > Bluetooth
  2. Under Power, choose On
  3. When the radio is on, you will see “Discoverable” under Bluetooth Status

Now that the Bluetooth radio is on, you can connect a headset to the GRP2614:

  1. On the phone, go to Menu > System > Bluetooth
  2. Choose Start Scan
  3. After the phone has completed scanning, you will have a list of devices available for pairing
    • See your headset user guide for how to make it available for pairing
  4. Choose the desired device
  5. Choose Pair
  6. When pairing has completed, you will see “Connected” next to the device in the list of devices available for pairing

Using the same process, you could pair a mobile phone to the GRP2614 to make use of the excellent audio quality and familiar interface of the desk phone.

Alternately, you can connect to the GRP2614 via the mobile phone:

  1. Turn on the GRP2614’s Bluetooth radio as shown above
  2. Under your mobile phone’s Bluetooth settings, choose GRP2614
    • Note: the precise name might vary, but “grp2614” will be part of the name
  3. This will send a pairing request to the GRP2614
  4. On the GRP2614, accept the pairing request

And that’s it!