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Mobotix IP Surveillance

Mobotix IP Surveillance

Jay Brant • Aug 13, 2012 •

Mobotix is different because they follow a decentralized philosophy, whereas standard surveillance systems often encounter a storage bottleneck due to the necessity of a recording computer loaded with software. With Mobotix, everything is in the camera-including recording software and even digital storage with micro SD cards-up to 64 GB in many models. Mobotix cameras use 3 megapixels, which enables better image quality and more useful information with clearer digital zoom.

Hemispheric Technology

The fisheye lens of the Mobotix Hemispheric cameras enables 180 degrees of view, which allows you to monitor from wall to wall and floor to ceiling with just one camera, and no blind spots.

High resolution image sensor means you can install fewer cameras, due to the more accurate detail of wide-angle images.

Virtual PTZ functions, with no moving parts means the entire image is always being recorded. Therefore, you can zoom in on one area, while still recording the entire scene.

Image transformation software will flatten the image to make it easier to interpret. Like flattening out the map, the correction from the camera delivers a view that makes more sense, but also has some blind spots.

Benefits from using Hemispheric Technology include:

  • A perfect understanding and overview of the scene
  • Objects are in view at all times
  • Avoids doubling effect and disappearing objects
  • Monitoring is discreet and records the whole room
  • By using only one camera to replace up to four traditional surveillance cameras, you have a very cost-efficient solution

Worldwide Connection

Connect with a mobile phone and receive direct video, audio and alarm connections to iPhone and iPad, which enables you to receive notifications wherever you are, and even converse with and open the door for someone when you are not home.