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Outbound Call Routes on Grandstream UCM Series IP PBXs

Grandstream UCM Series IP PBXs provide enterprise-class control of your communications at an unbeatable price-point.

One of our VoIP experts made a clear, concise video that shows you how to add and configure outbound call routes on your Grandstream UCM Series IP PBX.

Grandstream UCM Series IP PBXs

For medium to large businesses, Grandstream UCM6510 IP PBX can converge voice, video, fax, IP camera, and mobile data for up to 2,000 users. It supports 200 concurrent calls, 8 conference bridges, and 64 conference attendees. You get on-premise control of your communications with advanced features like including call recording, call queues, auto attendant, voicemail, and much more. It also comes with analog FXO and FXO ports and a single E1/T1/J1 digital port for integrating legacy equipment.

For small to midsize businesses, Grandstream offers the following models to fit the size of your workforce. They offer the same communications features. They have analog FXO and FXS ports, but lack the digital port.

All the Grandstream UCM Series IP PBXs support up to 50 SIP trunks and let you set outbound call routes.

Grandstream UCM6208 IP PBX

What is an outbound call route?

An outbound call route defines a dial pattern that someone can call using your IP PBX and what trunk that call is sent over.

When someone dials a phone number, the PBX checks that number against the defined dial patterns. The PBX then directs the call to the appropriate trunk based on what dial pattern the phone number matches.

Outbound routes direct calls over specific trunks. Using different trunks can save on telephony costs by directing calls over the most cost-efficient routes.

You can set the routes to automatically add or subtract digits from the phone numbers. This is helpful, for example, when an employee wants to dial a long-distance number. Instead of requiring them to dial 1 before the phone number, you can just have the PBX add the 1.

Grandstream UCM6510 IP PBX

How to Configure & Add Outbound Routes on Grandstream UCM Series IP PBXs

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • How to correctly write dial patterns for outbound call routes
  • How to direct dial patterns to specific trunks
  • How to add new outbound call routes
  • How to set emergency numbers like 911

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