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Promotion! Poly Microsoft Teams Trade Up Program

Microsoft is migrating Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams and you need to be prepared.

Poly is offering a promotion to make the transition seamless: Polycom Microsoft Teams Trade Up Packages.

Here’s the basic idea:

  • Get a new Polycom VVX Skype for Business Edition Phone today
  • Use the VVX phone as much as you like
  • When the new Poly CCX Microsoft Teams Phones are released, trade in the VVX for a new CCX

And on top of getting a brand new Poly phone with native Microsoft Teams integration, you get 2 years of Polycom Premier Services Support.

It’s an amazing deal!

This promotion is only available through authorized Poly partners like IP Phone Warehouse.

Here’s a detailed rundown of the program.

Poly CCX 700 IP Phone

Poly Microsoft Teams Trade Up Service Packages

This program ensures your business has professional communications devices with native Microsoft experience while letting you migrate to Microsoft Teams at your own pace.

No compromising on audio quality or functionality at any point in the process.

Zero interruptions.

How does the program work?

  1. Purchase a qualifying Polycom VVX Phone (Eligible Phone)
  2. On the same order, purchase a Trade Up Package
  3. Receive the Eligible Phone right away
  4. When Poly releases the new device(s) in the Trade Up Package, request the new device(s) from Poly
  5. Poly will send the new device(s) next business day with advance parts replacement
  6. Return the Eligible Phone within 30 days

The part numbers for both Eligible Phone and Trade Up Package must be on the same order to qualify.

You can purchase Eligible Phone(s) and Trade Up Package(s) until June 30, 2020.

You do not have to upgrade immediately upon release of the new device(s). However, the return process must be done by December 31, 2020. To expedite the process, Poly will have the serial numbers of all Eligible Phones.

Polycom VVX 501 IP Phone

What phones qualify for the trade up program?

You have a choice of four phones to receive right away:

  1. Polycom VVX 601 IP Phone, Skype for Business Edition — 2200-48600-019
  2. Polycom VVX 501 IP Phone, Skype for Business Edition — 2200-48500-019
  3. Polycom VVX 411 IP Phone, Skype for Business Edition — 2200-48450-019
  4. Polycom VVX 401 IP Phone, Skype for Business Edition — 2200-48400-019

This program only applies to newly purchased phones. It does not apply to phones you already own.

If you are migrating to Teams before taking advantage of this program, know that these VVX phones can work on Microsoft Teams through a gateway service. However, you will not get a native Teams experience, like you will with the new devices.

You can upgrade from any Eligible Phone to any of the new devices listed below by purchasing the applicable Trade Up Package.

Poly Elara 60 WS Mobile Phone Station

What Trade Up Packages are available?

There are five available Trade Up Packages:

  1. Poly CCX 400 Business Media Phone — 4870-CCX400-001
    • native Microsoft Teams phone for basic office users
  2. Poly CCX 500 Business Media Phone — 4870-CCX500-001
    • native Microsoft Teams phone for knowledge workers: multitouch display, HD Voice and Acoustic Fence, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support, Android interface, dedicated Cortana button
  3. Poly CCX 400 + Plantronics Blackwire 5220 Headset — 4870-400BW-001
    • native Microsoft Teams phone, plus professional USB headset with stereo sound and noise cancelling microphone
  4. Poly CCX 700 Business Media Phone — 4870-CCX700-001
    • native Microsoft Teams phone for executives: 7” multitouch display, built-in 1080p Full HD camera, HD Voice and Acoustic Fence, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support, Android interface, dedicated Cortana button
  5. Poly Elara WS Mobile Phone Station + Plantronics Voyager Focus Headset — 4870-ELARA-001
    • native Microsoft Teams mobile phone station for enhanced smartphone collaboration with wireless charging, plus professional Bluetooth headset with hi-fi stereo sound and active noise cancellation

In addition to receiving the new device(s), the Trade Up Package entitles you to 2 years of Polycom Premier Services Support.

For full details including Terms & Conditions, see Trade Up to Microsoft Teams with Poly [PDF]. All information and dates are subject to change.

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