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What Poly Phones Work with Microsoft Teams?

Poly makes phones that are certified to work with Microsoft Teams, including the CCX Microsoft Teams series of phones — not to be confused with the CCX Open SIP Edition phones that can be used with VoIP service providers like Zoom. The CCX phones are not interchangeable, in that you cannot switch the firmware on them like with some other Poly phones to get them to work in different environments. For example, if you purchase the CCX 500 Open SIP edition phone, there is no way to convert it so it will work with Teams.

With that said, below is a list of the CCX deskphones for Microsoft Teams:

Poly CCX for Microsoft Teams Family

Poly Microsoft Teams Certified Phones

In case you are wondering if Poly makes conference phones that are certified for Microsoft Teams, the answer is yes.

The Poly Trio C60 Microsoft Teams edition phone is Poly’s MS Teams conference phone. The Trio C60 is different from the CCX series phones because it supports Call Application Switching which allows the phone to switch between Open SIP and the Microsoft Teams call application. Please note that the C60 can only make and receive calls in one mode (SIP or Teams) at a time. For example, if the phone is in SIP mode, you cannot make or receive calls with Teams.

For the most up to date list of phones certified for Teams, consult Microsoft’s list of Microsoft Teams certified devices >

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