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Can you use SIP phones with Microsoft Teams?
There are many Microsoft Teams Certified Phones on the market today. But what do you do if you already have VoIP phones that aren’t certified and, quite reasonably, you don’t want to replace them? Can you integrate VoIP phones into Microsoft Teams if they’re not certified for the platform? For many common models of VoIP phones that support the open SIP protoco …
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Video: Yealink MP50 Microsoft Teams USB Phone
For home office workers, simplicity is the best. And what’s simpler than a USB device? Plug it in, and it just works. Actually, let’s change that first sentence: for all workers, simplicity is the best. With so many companies choosing Microsoft Teams as their communications platform, a simple solution for professionals is highly valuable. Yealink MP50 is a …
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What is Microsoft Teams Walkie Talkie?
In a recent blog, “ Jabra Perform 45… or How to Use Your Bluetooth Headset as a Walkie Talkie,” we discuss the new Jabra Perform 45 Push-To-Talk Headset. We mention that the headset is compatible with Microsoft Teams Walkie Talkie. But, we hear you asking, what is Microsoft Teams Walkie Talkie? It’s a free app for Teams that makes your device into a walkie-talk …
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