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The advantages of VoIP hotel phones
VoIP Hotel Phones. VoIP hospitality phones. VoIP motel phones or VoIP bed-and-breakfast phones. Whatever you call it, VoIP is increasingly the norm across the hospitality industry. What are the benefits of VoIP hotel phones? There are many advantages to using VoIP phones in hotels. A primary advantage is system management. VoIP phones are centrally controlled through the …
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Can the Background Picture on Fanvil Hotel Phones Be Changed?
Yes, the background picture on Fanvil Hotel Phones can be changed and should be in BMP format that is 480×320 px and 16-bit/RGB565. The logo can also be changed and should be in BMP format that is 180×30 px and 16-bit/RGB565. You may also be wondering if you can change the icons for things like Cleaning, Wakeup, Front Desk, etc. The icons can also be changed and should …
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Using SIP Hotspots on Fanvil IP Phones
With SIP hotspots, Fanvil gives you a method to simplify managing your VoIP phones. Most people are familiar with hotspots on smartphones. When you use a cellular hotspot with a smartphone, one phone connects to the cellular network and additional phones connect to the first phone. The data used is all through the first phone. It’s the same idea with F …
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