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Can you use analog phones on a VoIP phone system?
If you already have a large fleet of analog phones but you want a modern VoIP phone system, do you need to replace all your phones? No. You can integrate analog phones into a VoIP phone system using ATAs and VoIP Gateways. In this blog, we cover the basics of what ATAs and gateways are. ATAs & Gateways: How to connect analog phones to a VoIP phone system To integ …
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Polycom ATAs: The Easy Path to VoIP
Carlos is head of sales at a local cloud-based VoIP service provider. Their customer base has been growing steadily under his leadership, and he’s built trust with his clients over the years. Recently, some previous clients have called to let him know that their old ATAs are starting to show their age. They want to take advantage of the simplified management and effort …
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Integration through Translation with Gateways, ATAs and Telephony Cards
Last week we talked about SIP trunking and the history of telephony. We explained how you can connect your VoIP system to the existing PSTN. That’s what happens to your phone calls after they leave the office. But what about inside your office? Can you integrate your legacy equipment with your VoIP phone system? That’s what this week’s blog is about. The …
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