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What Jabra Headset Should I Use with My Polycom VVX Phone?

Pairing the Polycom VVX series with Jabra headsets.

Buying a headset. How do you do it? Do you look for comfort, sound quality or overall appearance of the product? There are a lot of ways to approach this problem.

None of the headset’s features matter if you can’t connect it to your phone. Without the proper connection, your headset is just a paperweight.

Polycom has hundreds of thousands of customers around the world and Jabra’s parent company has been around for over 140 years. If you’re shopping for a phone or a headset, you’ve seen these two manufacturers. So to give you an idea about how headsets and phones can connect, let’s show you how the popular Polycom VVX series pairs with some of Jabra’s most popular headsets.

Jabra Headsets

Headset connections for Polycom VVX phones

Dedicated RJ9 headset port

All of the Polycom VVX series phones feature a dedicated RJ9 headset port. Two RJ9 ports are available on the phones; one is for the handset and the other is for a compatible headset.

USB ports

The Polycom VVX 500 phone and Polycom VVX 600 phone both include two USB ports, in addition to the RJ9 headset port. Store media and data to a USB storage device and also connect a compatible USB headset.

Some Bluetooth headsets can use a USB dongle to connect to the phone. The dongle plugs into the phone and wirelessly connects to the headset.

One USB port is available on both the Polycom VVX 1500 phone and Polycom VVX 1500D phone. Plug in a USB headset, USB dongle or USB storage device.


Wirelessly connect a Bluetooth headset to the Polycom VVX 600. The phone is unique to the VVX series in that it is the only one to offer Bluetooth connectivity. Headsets that have a “dual-connectivity” feature can connect to the VVX 600 and a smartphone (or other Bluetooth device) simultaneously.

Polycom VVX 600

Using Polycom phones and Jabra headsets together

Jabra’s website offers a Compatibility Guide. Either type the name of your Polycom phone into the guide’s search bar, or select your phone by brand and model.

What you’ll get from Jabra’s Compatibility Guide is a list of headsets that are compatible with your Polycom phone. That’s good, but the problem is that there will be so many headsets to choose from!

Let’s start you off with some of our favorite pairings, like a chef choosing the right wine to compliment your meal.

Polycom VVX 300, 310, 400 and 410

The Jabra BIZ 2400 Mono headset and Jabra BIZ 2400 Duo headset are both perfectly suited to handle all of the great features on the Polycom VVX 300, 310, 400 and 410 phones.

How do they connect? The phones have an RJ9 port and the headsets have a quick disconnect connector, which do not match. You will need to purchase an adapter cable, like the Jabra GN1200.

Headsets with quick disconnect have many benefits. You can purchase a USB adapter to connect the headset to a PC or computer. When used with an adapter, you can detach the headset’s connector without having to reach behind the phone.

Jabra BIZ 2400 Headset

Polycom VVX 500

An RJ9 port and two USB ports give the Polycom VVX 500 phone more connectivity options. The Jabra PRO 9460 Mono headset and Jabra PRO 9460 Duo headset can connect to the phone either through the RJ9 port or one of the USB ports.

Both of the Jabra PRO 9460 headsets are wireless. The charging base for the headset connects directly to the phone through either RJ9 or USB, and then wirelessly links to the headset through a secure DECT connection.

Wireless headsets provide complete mobility. Rather than having to remove the headset when you want to talk to a colleague or manager on the other side of the office, the headset can come with you. The headsets also eliminate cords that can clutter your desk or get in the way.

How do you answer a call when you’re far away from your desk? Use an EHS (electronic hook switch) cable, like the Jabra LINK EHS cable (part # 14201-17) for Polycom phones. The cable plugs into the AUX port on the Jabra PRO 9460 headset’s base and into the back of the phone. When the call answer or end button on the headset is pressed, the phone either engages or disengages the “hook” to receive or hang up on a call.

Jabra PRO 9460 Headset

Polycom VVX 600

One of the newest members of Jabra’s family is the Jabra Evolve series. The Jabra Evolve 65 Stereo headset and the Jabra Evolve 65 Mono headset are wireless thanks to Bluetooth. The Jabra Evolve 65 makes an excellent match with the Polycom VVX 600 phone.

When you’re not using the Jabra Evolve 65 at work, use it to play music or listen to a movie from your Bluetooth-enabled, personal mobile device. The microphone can be positioned up and out of the way, clipped into the headset’s headband.

While you’re at work, the Jabra Evolve 65’s busy light indicator lets everyone know that you’re busy or on a call. It’s ready for unified communications, VoIP and more.

Connect the headset to your Polycom VVX 600 via Bluetooth. The headset includes the Jabra LINK 360 adapter, a USB dongle. The dongle connects to the headset via Bluetooth and plugs into the USB port on your PC or computer.

Jabra Evolve 65 Headset

Polycom VVX 1500 and 1500D

The Polycom VVX 1500 phone has a built-in camera and adjustable display. Use the phone for VoIP, video conferencing or as an integral part of any unified communications platform.

For this phone, let’s pair it with a more dynamic, professional headset. The Jabra PRO 9465 headset and the Jabra PRO 9470 headset fit this billing. Connect the phone via RJ9 or USB, and the headset also supports Bluetooth for a mobile device. You can also connect the headset to a PC or computer via USB or Bluetooth.

Both of the headsets have a touchscreen on the base that can be used to switch between different telephony sources, adjust volumes and more. The Jabra PRO 9465 headset has two earpieces, while the Jabra PRO 9470 headset has a single earpiece and convertible design. Convert the PRO 9470 between three different wearable styles: headband, behind the neck and earhook.

There are many more Jabra headsets than those we’ve covered in this blog. Use this blog as a launching platform, whether you’re trying to pair a new Polycom VVX phone with your existing headset, or a new Jabra headset with your existing phone. And happy shopping!

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