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Yealink USB Connect Makes Managing Your Devices Ultra-Simple

Yealink USB Connect is an easy-to-use all-in-one software package designed to connect and manage multiple devices including Yealink headsets, speakerphones and webcams. Every setting can be managed through the app making it more efficient to sync up a phone with a headset or install a software update without the need to fiddle with convoluted menus and downloaders.

Yealink USB Connect is free and available for Windows and macOS computers.

To download Yealink USB Connect, click here > [external link]

Yealink WH66 Dual Headset, Microsoft Teams Edition

Yealink USB Connect

USB Connect allows you to see all your connected Yealink devices in one simple-to-manage screen. Once installed you can pair your Yealink devices with the software. Every connected device will then be visible through the Connect app screen.

From there it is as easy as clicking on the device you want to manage and selecting basic or advanced settings. All the management options are visible there, easy to navigate tabs.

Yealink USB Connect, Device Status

Select basic settings to adjust things like Bluetooth, keypad tones, ringtone, vocal prompts, dial tone, speaker volume, or ring type. An advanced management tab is also available for when you need to get into the gears of a specific device for whatever reason.

Easy to use by everyone, Yealink USB Connect makes daily management of devices as simple as one click. Selecting the check for updates button automatically makes sure your devices are up to date with the latest firmware. It also allows you to reset or restart your linked devices through one-click if needed.

Any potential issues with devices are automatically logged through USB Connect. This feature makes resolving any IT issues that one might encounter throughout normal office use easier to resolve for your support team. It even is capable of audio logging to record a voice version of problems to achieve the most accurate analysis possible.

Yealink USB Connect, Update Device

With all these features and more Yealink’s USB Connect provides an extra level of efficiency in your office communications system and eliminates some of the more technical challenges of a modern VoIP system.