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VoIP Phone Systems

Get VoIP Phone Systems at IP Phone Warehouse! VoIP phone systems enable businesses of all sizes to experience the productivity enhancing benefits of professional telephony and unified communications — with professional feature sets. Most commonly used with SIP trunks for cost savings and superior call quality, IP phone systems can also be paired with PSTN lines using built in FXO ports or an FXO gateway. IP systems provide professional features like auto attendants, call queues, call recording, voicemail, mobile phone integration, workplace chat and video conferencing — to name just a few. We sell phone systems from the leading brands — Grandstream, Yeastar, 3CX and more.

VoIP phone systems, also known as IP PBXs, are available as all-in-one devices, software applications and modular appliances. Small businesses seeking an enterprise edge find VoIP Phones a practical improvement over old phones for their extensive features, HD audio quality, ease of management and increased security. Scalable VoIP phone systems grow with your business as you require more extensions. Extend the lifetime of legacy equipment like analog phones or fax machines by bringing them into your IP network using FXS gateways or ATAs — while simplifying management and improving features.

In addition to selling on-premise IP PBXs, we offer free consultation to match your business with the best cloud VoIP phone service. Get it touch and our experts will help you find the optimal system for your business.

To learn all about VoIP phone systems shopping, check out our clear, detailed VoIP Phone Systems Buyer’s Guide >

  • Epygi QX200 IP PBX


    Epygi QX200 IP PBX


    Up to 202 phones and 64 concurrent calls are supported by the Epygi QX200 IP PBX. This phone system arrives ready for support 24 VoIP phones and two analog phones, with additional phones requiring license keys. Connect two phones or legacy devices to the...

  • Epygi QX2000 IP PBX


    Epygi QX2000 IP PBX

    The Epygi QX2000 IP PBX supports up to 2,000 total VoIP phones. As is, the system can provide service to 200 phones, with licensing available to provide service to 1,800 more phones. A capacity for up to 300 concurrent calls makes this VoIP phone system...

  • Epygi QuadroM Single-Port T1 Gateway


    Epygi QuadroM Single-Port T1 Gateway


    The Epygi QuadroM gateway features a single T1 port to support up to 24 concurrent calls. Bridge telephony between your PBX or PSTN and a VoIP network. The gateway offers call statistics, call routing, an auto attendant and T.38 fax relay. LEDs on the...

  • Sangoma PBXcelerate Digital Appliance


    Sangoma PBXcelerate Digital Appliance


    The digital Sangoma PBXcelerate appliance features T1 and analog connectivity. Up to 100 total users and up to 30 simultaneous calls can operate on this phone system appliance. This appliance is pre-built to support your T1 digital telephony. Simply...

  • Sangoma PBXcelerate Analog Appliance


    Sangoma PBXcelerate Analog Appliance


    The Sangoma PBXcelerate analog appliance is pre-built with four FXO ports and one FXS port. Powerful internal components reliably support up to 20 users and up to eight simultaneous calls. Rack mount this 1U form factor appliance with the rest of your...

  • Sangoma PBXcelerate SIP Appliance


    Sangoma PBXcelerate SIP Appliance


    The Sangoma PBXcelerate appliance is pre-built for SIP-based phone systems. Upload your VoIP phone system on this powerful appliance. Operate this appliance with SIP trunks, featuring the capacity for up to 100 total users and up to 30 simultaneous calls...

  • OpenVox IX210 Modular IP PBX


    OpenVox IX210 Modular IP PBX


    The OpenVox IX210 phone system features a modular design. Combine the appliance with compatible telephony cards to create a customized, fully optimized solution. The appliance supports FXS, FXO, BRI, T1 and GSM interfaces. Up to 300 simultaneous VoIP...

  • OpenVox IX132 Modular IP PBX


    OpenVox IX132 Modular IP PBX


    The OpenVox IX132 IP PBX appliance features two configurable PCIe slots. Combine the slots with FXS, FXO, BRI, T1 and GSM interfaces. Deploy the appliance as an enterprise-grade phone system, gateway or firewall. The choice is yours with this robust,...

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