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Axis IP Cameras for Healthcare

Axis IP Cameras for Healthcare

Jay Brant • Mar 13, 2019 •

Healthcare is the most sensitive industry. Yet you need to protect patients, doctors, nurses, caretakers, staff, and visitors. It’s a difficult balance to maintain.

Axis Communications is the premier network camera company. Hospitals use their surveillance devices to remotely monitor patients, secure their premises, optimize traffic, and more.

In this blog, we’re going to introduce you to the multiple ways that Axis cameras are used for healthcare applications.

Axis P9106-V IP Camera

Axis Cameras for Hospitals

There are many ways for cameras to help in hospitals, care centers, hospices, retirement homes, and even ambulances. Safe hospitals provide better care.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Critical care patients require around-the-clock monitoring. Injuries from falls are a primary concern in hospitals, hospices, and care centers. Liability is an issue that hospitals need to consider.

But it can be difficult to have workers monitor patients at all times.

Axis cameras enable remote patient monitoring. By having cameras in patient rooms, you can have a centralized monitor or monitoring team watching every room at all times.

Because Axis IP cameras are in fact network-connected computers, you can use video management platforms to protect privacy, including meeting HIPAA standards, while maintaining a high level of security.

Axis P9106-V fits perfectly into corners for discreet monitoring of indoor spaces like hospital rooms. The lens is designed for corner-to-corner coverage. It is tamper-resistant and shaped to prevent people from tying anything around it, in case of high-risk patients.

Axis P3915-R IP Camera

Ambulance Security

Axis produces solutions for ambulances and other care vehicles. It allows remote assessment of the patient’s status, starting the healthcare process earlier. Having a camera in an ambulance also increases security and clarifies liability.

Axis P39 Series IP Cameras like Axis P3915-R Mk II are designed for installation in vehicles like ambulances. P3915-R fits in your hand so it won’t get in the way. It’s a rugged camera with an active tampering alarm and one-way audio support. Traffic Light mode lets the camera identify the color of traffic lights. Arctic Temperature Control enables safe start-up in extreme cold.

Knowledge Sharing

It can be difficult or impossible for doctors to share their important information. Sharing knowledge can help save lives.

By live-streaming procedures, doctors can help disseminate important techniques, record medical skills, assess performance, gain valuable feedback, and receive remote diagnoses.

Axis V59 Series IP Cameras like Axis V5915 are designed for live-streaming. It has 30x optical zoom plus 12x digital zoom, enabling incredible detail. It supports two-way HD audio to communicate with far-end participants. You can record procedures directly to an SD card in the camera to document the procedure.

And when not in use for live-streaming, it functions as a security camera.

Axis V5915 IP Camera

Traffic Optimization

Hospitals can be really busy places. Arranging spaces to optimize the flow of patients and caretakers helps reduce discomfort and can even save lives.

How do you get the people most in need to the proper location as quickly as possible? Are there pinch points? Are patients routinely waiting at uncomfortable locations?

IP cameras help administrators optimize traffic. You can monitor space usage and other operational challenges to quicken service time.

Axis Q6155-E IP Camera


Finally, Axis cameras provide top-class security. They are the standard for video surveillance. They reduce theft and provide records in cases of liability. Here are only two of the numerous ways that Axis cameras provide security for hospitals.

The front door is perhaps the most important place in a hospital to monitor. The big issues that cameras face with front doors is high-contrast lighting. It is much brighter outdoors than indoors. Exposing the outdoors correctly underexposes the indoors and vice versa.

Axis Forensic WDR is the leading wide dynamic range technology for IP cameras. The camera uses multiple exposure levels in real time while applying noise reduction and contrast adjustment to reduce under- and overexposure.

Axis outdoor cameras have extended operating temperature ranges and sealed components. Axis tests their cameras according to strict industry guidelines.

In addition, they engineer their cameras for specific cases. For example, Axis Q6155-E features Sharpdome and Speed Dry technology. Sharpdome lets the whole dome rotate with the camera to retain optimal image sharpness. Speed Dry vibrates the dome at high speed to clear the dome of raindrops.

And this is just one demonstration of Axis’s engineering chops.

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