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Exclusive Look at New SIP-Ready Intercoms & Paging Endpoints from CyberData

Brand new Cyberdata entry phones, emergency phones, intercoms and ringers.

Searching for IP paging equipment? CyberData recently released some new door phones, intercoms and emergency phones. We’ve rounded them up and put them in one convenient blog post.

These new IP paging and communications devices support SIP and Singlewire InformaCast, plus a host of additional features and functions.

Ready… set… GO!

CyberData 011304 Emergency Intercom

Highlights include Cisco SRST, a push-to-talk function, night ringer support and event reporting. Deploy the CyberData 011304 to provide security in remote areas across your campus or down the hall—designed for indoor use. It supports two-way communications with support for G.711a/u-law codecs, and Power over Ethernet for less cabling.

CyberData 011305 Indoor Intercom, Wall-Mount

A super fast processor lets the intercom provide instant two-way communications. Perfect for healthcare settings, schools or apartments, designed for indoor use. The CyberData 011305 intercom supports Cisco SRST, multicast, push-to-talk, night ringer, event reporting and PoE.

CyberData 011306 Indoor Intercom, Flush-Mount

Similar to the 011305 model, except the CyberData 011306 intercom features a flush mountable design. Compatible with drywall mounting for avoiding bumps, abrasions and attempts at vandalism.

CyberData 011307 Intercom with Keypad, Wall-Mount

A keypad is built into the CyberData 011307 intercom for dialing phone numbers, apartment units, departments and select individuals. Ready for two-way communications, emergency use and night ringing in indoor environments. Also supports multicast, push-to-talk, event recording and PoE.

CyberData 011308 Intercom with Keypad, Flush-Mount

Install the CyberData 011308 intercom in a wall (including drywall), designed to mount flush with the wall. This intercom shares the same features as the 011307 intercom, except it is flush-mounted.

CyberData 011310 Outdoor Intercom with Keypad

An IP66-rated housing protects the CyberData 011310 intercom from weather elements like wind, rain, snow, small blowing debris and dust. An optional weather shroud helps guard the keys and speaker. The keypad includes a backlight for dark conditions. This intercom is compatible with Cisco SRST, two-way audio and PoE.

CyberData 011311 Office Ringer

Operate the CyberData 011311 as a paging speaker, night ringer or phone-ringing device. Upload audio files to use as ringtones through the IP web interface. This ringer is ready for multicast and event reporting.

CyberData was founded in 1974. These new products continue their dedication to innovation in the VoIP and IP industry. From the design to engineering, top priority is given to ensuring the products are of the highest quality.

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