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Introducing the Polycom VVX 101 and VVX 201 SIP VoIP Phones with Acoustic Fence

High-end VVX features meet two new affordable VoIP devices.

Polycom has expanded its popular VVX series with the new VVX 101 and VVX 201 phones. Both of the phones are designed as highly productive entry-level devices. Acoustic Fence technology lends the phones the ability to take on the loudest work environments, including open offices, call centers and common areas.

Both of the phones include a speakerphone and headset port. Whether you are communicating through the handset or another part of the phone, Polycom Acoustic Clarity technology ensures that audio quality is superb. The technology brings acoustic echo cancellation and background noise suppression to conversations.

The Polycom VVX 201 phone is a step up from the VVX 101, by offering Polycom HD Voice technology. Voices sound as true-to-life as though callers were standing in the same room. The benefit is reduced listener strain and more fluid conversations.

Polycom VVX 201

An overview of Acoustic Fence

Acoustic Fence is a relatively new technology, exclusive to Polycom Group series video conferencing systems and VVX series phones. What the technology does for VVX phones is dramatically improve call quality by blocking background noise and, when necessary, muting the microphone.

The technology recognizes the user’s voice and only allows his or her voice to enter the phone’s microphone. In cases such as when callers are in a conference, the technology can mute participants with noisy microphones—noises caused by crumpling papers, etc. When that participant starts speaking, the microphone will unmute.

Noise cancellation technology typically works by emitting inverse sound waves into the environment, and cancelling out the offending noises. Polycom Acoustic Fence technology takes advantage of all of the phone’s hardware to ensure that conversations are distraction-free.

For more information about initializing Acoustic Fence on your VVX phone, stay tuned for our future blog post! Read more about Acoustic Fence in our past post, “What is Polycom Acoustic Fence for the Group Series and VVX Series?

Polycom VVX 101

Best uses for the VVX 101 and VVX 201

The Polycom VVX 101 phone is ideally suited for common areas such as lobbies or hallways. The phone has a small form factor, is wall mountable and its single Ethernet port supports PoE.

One feature that differentiates the Polycom VVX 201 phone from the VVX 101 is two Ethernet ports. Set up the phone on a shared workspace and daisy chain it with a nearby PC.

Of course, both phones work perfectly in cubicles or personal offices. The feature set on these phones prepares them for today’s open office and collaborative environments more so than other comparable phones.

The phones are interoperable with most SIP-based phone systems. Quickly provision and set up these phones with an existing on-premise or hosted IP PBX.

Polycom VVX 101, Polycom VVX 201

More differences between the phones

The Polycom VVX 201 phone provides enhancements where it matters most. Including improvements in audio quality, the user interface and with network connectivity.

The main differences are the number of line appearances, Ethernet ports, the backlit display and the inclusion of Polycom HD Voice technology.

The similarities between the phones are their cutting-edge hardware and software, which have always made the Polycom VVX series stand out as the go-to solution for choosy professionals.

Polycom VVX 101 and VVX 201 phones are entry-level phones with high-end features. Call quality and ease of use deceive the phones’ affordability, sure to happily surprise many that deploy these VoIP solutions across their office.