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Recommended Microsoft Teams Certified Conference Phones

Do you need a conference phone for Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams as a communications platform has become a business necessity for many, many companies. They’ve found that it enhances collaboration with workplace chat, simple integration with other Microsoft 365 applications — not to mention that Teams has become a full-fledged video conferencing and telephony solution, too.

To respond to the increased reliance on the platform, Microsoft has worked with the leading manufacturers of business communications devices, like Poly and Yealink, to develop enterprise-grade solutions. The manufacturers, in turn, have responded with Microsoft Teams Certified devices that enhance productivity while simplifying the process of integrating and using the devices.

Yealink CP965-Teams and Poly Trio C60 Conference Phones

Conference Phones are still the ultimate devices for group communications. A professional conference phone captures clearly voices in every direction, so you can place it in the center of the conversation. It clarifies the audio and eliminates noise.

A Microsoft Teams Certified conference phone has been tested for seamless integration, audio performance according to Microsoft’s strict measures, and more. What are the best conference phones for Microsoft Teams?

In this video, our experts breakdown their two recommended Microsoft Teams conference phones. We also cover the advantages of using a MS Teams conference phone.

Check it out!

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