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How to setup remote workers on VoIP phone systems
Remote work is here to stay. It might be a business without a central office whose workplace is now permanently remote. It might be a business developing a hybrid work model in which people work some days in the office, some days at home. Either way: you need a professional remote work system. Setting up remote workers securely on your private business communications s …
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Grandstream routers and Wi-Fi access points mean professional wireless for everyone
Known for their cost-effective VoIP devices, Grandstream has made a big push into networking solutions for small to midsize businesses and home offices. They’re bringing the best Wi-Fi experience available, Wi-Fi 6, into your office. And if you don’t need cutting-edge power, you can get Wi-Fi 5 devices for excellent prices. As Grandstream’s portfolio of professional Wi-Fi …
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What does “unified firmware” mean for VoIP phones?
Several companies, including Yealink and Grandstream, use as a selling point the fact that all the models of VoIP phones in a particular series run “unified firmware.” But what does that mean and why is it a very important feature? To answer this question, we’re going to give a brief explanation of what firmware is and then go into why series of VoIP Phones with unified fi …
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