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Unboxing Video: Yealink BH76-Teams Bluetooth Headset
Bluetooth Headsets are so popular because they’re so convenient: familiar, wireless, work with anything. But let’s look at that one, “work with anything.” Many, many organizations now use Microsoft Teams daily for their critical business communications, both for internal collaboration and for engaging with clients. Do Bluetooth headsets work with Microsoft Teams? Yes, ma …
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Video: The Best Headsets for Yealink Phones of 2023
For many workers, a good headset is a business necessity. Let’s just take using a headset with a desk phone as an example. An office headset keeps your hands free for typing as you communicate with a client or colleague. It improves the reproduction of your voice, so it sounds rich, natural, and full. A professional headset features noise cancellation, eliminating backgrou …
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Unboxing Video: Valcom VIP-120A IP Ceiling Speaker
Valcom is one of the most trusted brands in the world of paging and public address solutions. What makes them so trusted? Valcom VIP-120A IP Ceiling Speaker is a good example of why they’re so trusted. This round ceiling speaker is versatile, durable, in short: professional. Intended for indoor installation, the secure, one-way paging speaker features concurrent SIP and …
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