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Valcom Paging Speakers

Valcom Paging Speakers

Jay Brant • Jun 04, 2019 •

Valcom makes professional public address and paging system equipment. Valcom makes options for analog and IP speaker systems.

Valcom IP solutions include native IP speakers that connect to your VoIP system, enabling centralized management and expanded features. Valcom IP gateways also let you connect analog endpoints with your VoIP system.

Valcom Ceiling Speaker

Valcom Speakers

Valcom makes an array of public address speakers to suit different use-cases. In this blog, we’re going to show you how Valcom speakers work for numerous applications:

  • Airports
  • Restaurants
  • Hospitals
  • Office Buildings
  • Warehouses

Valcom Speakers for Airports

Airports are among the most challenging spaces for paging systems. The spaces are large. The density of people makes the spaces noisy. And the broadcasts are usually extremely important.

What do you do if you have a space that’s very large with high ceilings? You could set up a series of horn speakers around the edge, but how do you cover the middle?

You could use the Valcom V-1015B Pendant Speaker. It’s designed to hang from a ceiling using a chain, so it can be installed from the rafters. Its self-amplified, simplifying the installation process.

As a bonus, it looks great, too!

Valcom Speakers for Restaurants

Restaurants need speakers that are good at playing music. This means wider sound reproduction than the average paging speaker.

The standard paging speaker emphasizes the section of the frequency spectrum that covers the human voice. But music covers much more of the frequency spectrum.

Valcom Signature Series™ Speakers are high-fidelity, producing theater quality audio.

For restaurants, look to the Valcom V-1440-W Signature Series™ Monitor Speaker. This classy, compact speaker can be hung on a wall or simply placed on a shelf, or wall-mounted using an optional mount bracket.

It uses a 5W amplifier to drive a 4.5” speaker and 1” tweeter with ceramic magnets and 8-Ohm voice coils, producing nearly fullband audio: 60 Hz to 20 kHz. And it only measures 7” tall and 10.3” wide!

Hospital Beds

Valcom Speakers for Hospitals

Hospitals and healthcare facilities need to follow HIPAA guidelines to protect patients’ privacy.

One way to protect privacy is to use a sound-masking speaker like the Valcom V-9422 Spot SoundMasking™ Speaker. This speaker is 2ft x 2ft and is designed for installation in standard drop ceilings.

V-9422 creates audible white noise, even while pages are being broadcast. This white noise serves to mask sounds.

How does that work? It’s the same idea as camouflage, but for sound. Camouflage works by disrupting the outline your body, making it harder for eyes to perceive you.

Sound masking creates a camouflage of white noise, making it harder for ears to pick out specific sounds, like talking.

And so your privacy is increased!

Valcom Speakers for Office Buildings

Speaker systems in office buildings do not require fancy features. But they need to be easy to install, because you’re going to be installing a lot of them. And they need to be easy to manage.

Valcom IP ceiling speakers meet both these criteria: they’re simple to install and simple to manage.

Valcom VIP-402A Lay-In IP Ceiling Speaker™ is a network-connected speaker that mounts in a standard drop ceiling. Lightweight and unobtrusive, the speaker is quick to install with a rigid body that eliminates the need for additional supports.

It is an IP speaker, so it connects to your VoIP system as an IP endpoint, giving you centralized control of the whole speaker system.

Valcom Speakers for Warehouses

Warehouses are large spaces with a lot of audio disruptions: all the items being stored. On top of which, you also have forklifts and other machinery producing noise.

Space and disruptions mean you need a speaker that can reproduce sound clearly at loud volumes. You need a horn speaker.

Horn speakers are directional. The horn shape funnels sound in a specific direction. That funneling focuses sound for louder volume using a comparable amount of power.

For large warehouses, try the Valcom V-1038 30W Horn Speaker. V-1038 is an efficient horn speaker for indoor or outdoor installation with an integrated 30W amplifier.

It offers a sound pressure level of 125 dB at 4ft, which is very, very loud. Even at that volume, though, it retains an excellent frequency response range of 225 Hz to 14 kHz, so people will still be able to comprehend broadcasts easily.

The mounting base is omnidirectional, so you can point the speaker optimally.

Old Voltage Meter

A Final Word on Powering Valcom Self-Amplified Speakers

One thing to keep in mind: Valcom speakers don’t come with power supplies.

Valcom IP speakers can be powered using Power Over Ethernet (PoE) using a PoE switch or PoE injector. Analog speakers that are not self-amplified can be powered through the cable connections.

Valcom self-amplified speakers, however, need power supplies. You can daisy-chain speakers together, powering multiple speakers using a single power unit. Valcom produces a wide range of power supplies.

How do you know how many and what type of Valcom power units you need? Valcom has a calculator that lets you enter all the speakers or other devices you need to power. The calculator will then tell you exactly what you need to buy to power your system. It only takes a couple of minutes.

Go to the Valcom Power Unit Selection Calculator >

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