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Vodia mini PBX Standard & Premium

Vodia mini PBX Standard & Premium

Jay Brant • Apr 11, 2014 •

Business phone systems come in all shapes and sizes.

Vodia ( voh-dee-uh) mini PBX fits in the palm of your hand. It’s a new idea for the voice-over-Internet market to pack so many VoIP features in a reliable little device. The benefit comes from the miniature phone system’s low power requirements and solid-state design, as well as its easy installation process.

Caller ID, auto attendants, fax to email and a full list of other VoIP features are built into this high performing PBX. The premium version of the Vodia mini PBX is a step up from the standard version, offering functions like click to call, and more agent groups and auto attendants.

More Outstanding Features

  • Cell phone twinning
  • Music on hold
  • SMS notifications
  • Voicemail to email
  • DID support for extensions
  • Admin and user portals

Vodia mini PBX Standard vs. Premium

Power can be provided to the Vodia mini PBX from either a USB connection or an AC adapter. Set up the PBX as your own personal VoIP portal or to connect an entire small office to VoIP telephony.

The phone system’s small form factor features a solid-state construction. No moving parts means less of a chance of components and internal parts breaking. A minimal number of ports and interfaces make installation and maintenance just that much easier.

Vodia mini PBX Premium

Additional features on the Premium version of the Vodia mini PBX include valuable call center and agent training tools. Barge-in and listen-in modes let administrators help out when an agent is struggling. Teach modes let trainers give new agents the skills they need to offer professional customer service.

Connect your desktop VoIP phones, Microsoft Lync applications and mobile devices to the Vodia mini PBX. Enjoy it as an affordable phone system, complete with a versatile range of features and functions. Need more? Expand the device to keep up with your growing business.

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