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What Poly CCX Phones Work with Zoom?

What Poly CCX Phones Work with Zoom?

Cody Butryn • May 25, 2021 •

The new line of Poly CCX Open SIP phones bring a uniform workflow to your desk. They’re interoperable with many VoIP service providers, making them a great option to future proof your telephony system.

CCX phones come in two versions: Open SIP and Microsoft Teams. They allow you to realize all features in their respective environments. Poly CCX Open SIP phones are compatible with many SIP phone systems and VoIP providers like Zoom, letting you use it in many different work settings.

Poly CCX Open SIP Edition Family

Poly CCX Open SIP Phones to Use with Zoom

Below is a list of the current Poly CCX Open SIP Edition Phones compatible with Zoom:

Note that Poly Open SIP CCX phones don’t work with Microsoft Teams and the firmware can’t be changed to get them to work with Teams. They’re only to be used in an Open SIP environment. The Poly CCX Microsoft Teams edition is the version of the Poly CCX phones that work with Microsoft Teams.

If you’re looking for a conference phone that integrate with the Zoom Phone service, check out the Poly Trio C60 IP Conference Phone.

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