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EnGenius builds tough VoIP phones that use a proprietary 900 MHz wireless standard to provide an extraordinarily long range while maintaining security. The phenomenal range means choosing EnGenius simplifies your phone deployment and reduces your overhead. The phones connect to your network using the open SIP standard, making them interoperable with a broad selection of VoIP and UC platforms. The ruggedized handsets protect your investment from unavoidable mistakes. Get peace of mind with excellent performance when you choose EnGenius.

IP Phone Warehouse is a certified reseller of EnGenius phones. See below for our portfolio of EnGenius wireless phones.

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Polycom IP Phones

EnGenius DuraFon-SIP Phones

EnGenius DuraFon-SIP phones provide long-range, wireless VoIP communication using a rugged and feature-rich handset.

EnGenius Freestyl Phones

EnGenius FreeStyl Phones

EnGenius FreeStyl Phones are cordless phones with a significantly greater wandering range that comparable DECT or WiFi phones.

EnGenius Base Stations

EnGenius Base Stations

Engenius base stations connect to the network using SIP and expand the already-amazing range of the EnGenius wireless handsets.

EnGenius Accessories

EnGenius Accessories

Find the EnGenius accessories you need, like spare batteries, replacement antennas and charging cradles.

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EnGenius DuraFon-SIP Cordless IP Phone System EnGenius DuraFon-SIP Rugged Long-Range Cordless IP Phone System
List Price: $1,499.99
Price: 1,199.99
In Stock
EnGenius FreeStyl 2 Long-Range Wireless Phone System EnGenius FreeStyl 2 Long-Range Cordless Phone System
List Price: $349.99
Price: 329.99
In Stock
EnGenius DuraFon-SIP Cordless IP Handset EnGenius DuraFon-SIP Rugged Long-Range Cordless IP Handset
List Price: $399.99
Price: 369.99
In Stock
EnGenius DuraFon-SIP Cordless IP Base Station EnGenius DuraFon-SIP Long-Range Cordless IP Base Station
List Price: $1,199.99
Price: 959.99
In Stock