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Grandstream’s New IP PBX Solution: the UCM6100 Series

The Grandstream UCM6100 series offers a cost-efficient IP PBX solution for small- to medium-sized businesses. These appliances feature a suite of tools for voice communications, data, video and even mobile phones. All of the UCM6100 series appliances are based on the open source Asterisk platform, with included support for SIP endpoints.

Grandstream has positioned the UCM6100’s as alternatives to more expensive IP PBX solutions. They feature four different models, for a customizable solution to support your business’ telecommunications system. All of the models can be controlled remotely or via the web-based graphic interface.

Included Options:

  • Up to 300 users/500 extensions
  • Up to 32 conference participants
  • 2 FXS ports
  • Up to 50 SIP trunk options

Individual Model Specs:

Voice Solutions:

Call features on the Grandstream UCM6100 appliances include standard options, such as call forwarding, voicemail, hold options and more. Advanced features record calls for later playback, play music while callers are on hold, and 3-way conferencing.

A customizable Auto Attendant system features five layers of IVR to provide an efficient way to route calls throughout the business. Callers coming in can specify which department or extension they would like their call to transfer to, which can save users valuable time and energy. This system is ideal for businesses of all sizes looking to present a professional first-impression.

Data Solutions:

The Grandstream UCM6100 series appliances include a 4GB hard drive to store all kinds of data. This includes call recording, saving detailed call logs and even storing a full system backup.

With Grandstream’s data solutions, faxes can be forwarded to email via PDF files, and voicemails can be saved to WAV files for email forwarding and other storage options.

Video Solutions:

Host or participate in video conferences, or even monitor IP surveillance systems with the Grandstream UCM6100 series. These appliances are compatible with SIP-enabled endpoints such as video phones and IP cameras.

Mobile Solutions:

Not all employees can be on-site, all the time. Accessing the Grandstream UCM6100 IP PBX through a smartphone is easy. The appliances are compatible with all brands and models, from Android phones to iPhones, as long as the cell phone has an internet connection.

Through a smartphone, the user can access emails, voicemails, and even configure their smartphone to send and receive phone calls through the IP PBX. More advanced smartphones can access IP cameras and surveillance systems.

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