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What does “unified firmware” mean for VoIP phones?
Several companies, including Yealink and Grandstream, use as a selling point the fact that all the models of VoIP phones in a particular series run “unified firmware.” But what does that mean and why is it a very important feature? To answer this question, we’re going to give a brief explanation of what firmware is and then go into why series of VoIP Phones with unified fi …
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Meet the new, ultra-versatile Poly Edge E Series of VoIP Phones
This week, Poly has announced their most versatile series of VoIP phones yet: the Poly Edge E Series. Featuring a stylish, slimmer design, the Poly Edge E phones are packed with cutting-edge features and quality of life improvements that make them one of the most significant updates in Poly’s (or Polycom’s) history. The Edge E Series adds depth to the already extens …
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VoIP phones for receptionists and administrative assistants
When it comes to office phones, the receptionist puts it through its paces more than anyone else. Because theirs is the first voice most callers will hear, it’s vital that a receptionist’s phone work well for them. Put another way, the receptionist’s phone is probably the most important phone in the office. (Sorry, executives, but you know it’s true!) So what features …
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