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Video: Yealink MP50 Microsoft Teams USB Phone

For home office workers, simplicity is the best. And what’s simpler than a USB device? Plug it in, and it just works. Actually, let’s change that first sentence: for all workers, simplicity is the best.

With so many companies choosing Microsoft Teams as their communications platform, a simple solution for professionals is highly valuable.

Yealink MP50 Microsoft Teams USB Phone

Yealink MP50 is a plug-and-play USB phone that’s Microsoft Teams Certified. This power-packed phone gives you native integration with Teams, including a dedicated button for launching the service. So you get a physical desk phone to use with the Teams softphone running on your computer, giving you the desired convenience of a traditional phone.

It has a touchscreen display in portrait orientation, which makes the phone familiar to use. It’s like a smartphone. And the keypad is alongside the display, rather than below it. A keypad with dedicated buttons remains much quicker for people to use rather than a dynamic touchscreen interface.

There’s more! It supports Bluetooth, which means you can use a Bluetooth headset. The phone also has a three-port USB hub, so you can charge devices while you work. And it has a customizable busylight to let coworkers know when you’re busy.

Curious? Dylan has made a new video that shows you the Yealink MP50. Learn all about how to use the phone:

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