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Video: How to Connect Yealink CP965 to a Smartphone via Bluetooth
In our latest video, Dylan shows you how to pair a smartphone to a Yealink CP965 IP Conference Phone using Bluetooth, which it natively supports. Why would you connect a smartphone to CP965? It enables three functions: One. To place and receive phone calls on the conference phone. In other words, you can use CP965 with its 12 + 1 microphone array and advanced noise reduc …
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Compatible microphones for Yealink Microsoft Teams video conferencing systems
When it comes to video conferencing systems, the focus is usually on the camera (no pun intended). But how people sound is as important as how they look. If people sound muffled, if there’s lots of background noise, if people’s voices aren’t distinguished well — if any of these common issues occurs, it can harm a video call as much as highly pixelated or ou …
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Converting Yealink CP965 to BYOD Mode for use with third-party video conferencing platforms
Can you use the conference phone that your business already owns with a video conferencing service like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, GoTo, or Google Meet? Yes. In this blog, we use the example of how to put the Yealink CP965 IP Conference Phone into BYOD Mode, making it usable for video calls with an enormous range of virtual meeting platforms. Conference phones lik …
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