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How to find the best home office VoIP phone
In the past two years, the home office has become an increasingly common work location for an enormous number of Americans. Whether it’s a remote worker who works entirely from home or a hybrid worker who splits their time between home and the office, they’ll need a professional communications device: a VoIP phone for the home office. While softphone applications are c …
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Can you use multiple Yealink DECT headsets with the same base? (Yes.)
Yealink DECT headsets enable professional wireless, hands-free communications. The Yealink WH6X Series of DECT Wireless Headsets give you a maximum wireless wander range of up to 525 feet for WH62 and WH66 or up to 394 feet for WH63 and WH67, while also giving you exceptional HD audio quality with and 128-bit encryption security. Put short: they’re awesome. Another rea …
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How to connect Yealink wireless headsets with third-party VoIP phones using Yealink EHS60
As Yealink expands their portfolio of business communications tools, more and more professionals are choosing Yealink Office Headsets. With their expansion, they’re also ensuring compatibility with existing devices. This is, however, an on-going process. In this blog, we want to answer some questions that people having been asking us: Are Yealink wireless head …
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