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Poly Voyager Focus 2: Elite Noise Cancellation
Poly continues to up the ante for professional office headsets. This week, they released Poly Voyager Focus 2 Stereo Bluetooth Headset. The new Voyager Focus 2 Series is designed to solve one problem in particular. Obviously, Poly can’t build a noise proof wall around you, so they have developed active noise cancellation technologies to create a “focus zone” so you …
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Ceiling Microphones vs Tabletop Microphones for Group Calls and Video Conferencing
Updated by Jay Brant on March 25, 2022 You want the best audio quality possible on your group calls, whether they’re audio conferences or video conferences. How do you achieve professional sound quality when you have large groups of people of 10 or more participants? A conference phone by itself might not pickup everyone’s voices equally. A speakerphone certainly won’t …
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How Do You Find Your Lost Poly Voyager 5200 Headset?
We all have those days where we’d forget our head if it weren’t attached to us. For days like these, Poly partnered with Tile to help us answer the question: “How can I find my lost Voyager headset?” Poly introduced the Voyager 5200 for those of us who are always on the go. If you’re someone who’s always running around, the Voyager 5200 Series provides you with a comfortab …
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