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What Poly Phones Work with Microsoft Teams?
Poly makes phones that are certified to work with Microsoft Teams, including the CCX Microsoft Teams series of phones — not to be confused with the CCX Open SIP Edition phones that can be used with VoIP service providers like Zoom. The CCX phones are not interchangeable, in that you cannot switch the firmware on them like with some other Poly phones to get them to work in …
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What Is the Difference Between the Poly Voyager UC and Poly Voyager Office Headsets?
The Poly Voyager headsets are very popular and come in two versions: UC and Office. Here at IP Phone Warehouse, we get a lot of people asking what is the difference between the Voyager UC and Voyager Office series headsets? To help illustrate the answer to this question, we will be looking at the Poly Voyager 4210 UC and the Poly Voyager 4210 Office 1-Way Base Heads …
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Poly Savi 7300 Office Series: Ultra-Secure Wireless Headsets
The new Poly Savi 7300 Office Series features wireless office headsets with improved communications security, increased device density, exceptional audio performance with noise cancellation and extended wireless range. The headsets are elite hands-free communications solutions for financial, business, medical and government applications. Poly Savi 7300 features …
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