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What Is the Platform Setting on the Yealink WH66 Headsets For?

Most USB headsets you will find at present time are either a UC headset or headsets for Microsoft Teams. As we have discussed in previous blogs about Microsoft Teams Certified headsets, they are headsets that are plug and play with MS Teams and have a dedicated Teams button. Whereas a UC headset is not designed for any one specific UC platform and can be used with most platforms.

Yealink WH66, Welcome Screen

Yealink has taken their wireless headsets one step further with their WH66 series headsets. The WH66 redefines what makes a headset a great choice when using it with a Unified Communications platform like RingCentral or Microsoft Teams. The WH66 features a touch screen display that allows the user interface to be changed depending on what platform (UC or Teams) the headset will be used with, thus providing the user with the best possible user experience:

Yealink WH66, Microsoft Teams or UC Screen

The two platform options are Teams and UC. When selected, both options provide a different user interface. As you may have guessed, when Teams is selected, the user interface is optimized for use with Microsoft Teams and includes a Teams button for launching the service.

Selecting UC as the platform, the user interface changes and is optimized to be used with various UC platforms and is not specific to one UC platform or softphone. Not sure if Yealink has plans for this, but we think it would be great if they would work with some of the UC providers to develop a customized user interface for their service that would give a unique user experience like Microsoft does with Teams.

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